Knowledge & Learning Management System

KLAS™ v3.2.260912 - MSU INDONESIA

Important Announcements

KLAS™ CMS, SRM, HRM & LIS acts as the main coordination administrative center and serves as the principal data repository for all staff and students in MSU campus.

Please check out KLAS™ new features to make sure users always stay alert on KLAS™ new changes:

  1. New KLAS™ Service Classification
    KLAS™ now divided into four main services as follows:
    CMS (Campus Management System)
      - KLAS-CMS referred to administrative module that formerly known as KLAS II. Consists of 3 modules; (1)Admin (2)Academic & (3)Finance.
    HRM (Human Resource Management)
      - KLAS-HRM for Human Resources Department.
    SRM (Student Relationship Management)
      - KLAS-SRM for Counsellor & Communication Department.
    LIS (Library Information System)
      - KLAS-LIS for MSU Library Management System.